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Shuhari, Bubishi, and Contemporary Psychology: Common Foundations
​and a Framework for the Future 
Bradley Kenneth Wells

Reprinted  from the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society's Journal,4th Quarter Journal 2008, Patrick McCarthy,editor

                                                                                                             "Although his first article here in the Journal, I am confident that...American IRKRS member, Sensei Brad Wells, will leave you wanting for more.  I really enjoyed how Sensei Wells drew upon a turn-of-the-century American Catholic priest, who fostered identical ideals to that of Itosu Ankoh, to deliver a message which transceds the art of karate and goes directly to ourwell-being." Hanshi McCarthy

Hanshi McCarthy 

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Figgiani Sensei

of Shorin Ryu Karatedo International


When I first heard about the establishment of Shorin Ryu Karatedo International, I was immediately interested. I was introduced to Figgiani Sensei by HanshiPatrick McCarthy, who told me he was someone I should know.

I was impressed by Figgiani Sensei’s dedication to ShorinRyu and his deep respect for his instructors and their predecessors, as well as traditions of the art. I quickly learned that this respect was matched by theloyalty of his own black belts and his peers. He possesses rare qualities of greatkindness and a sincere interest in Okinawan Karate and those who practice it.

​ It is a great privilege both personally and professionally to know him, and I look forward to the success and growth of the SRKDI.

​ Bradley Wells