The purpose of Shin Gi Tai A.R.T.S. is to provide Administrative Resources an​d Teaching Services 


The Shin Gi Tai Dojos are under the direction of founder and senior instructor Sensei Brad Wells. The dojos offer instruction in traditional Karate-Do, Kobudo, self defense, and Tai Chi.


To provide high quality martial arts instruction for our communities. To address the varying needs of students by providing Karate-do, Goshin Jitsu, and Tai Chi. To provide for the self defense and health needs of participants. To develop character, citizenship, and foster personal growth.


The term Shin Gi Tai refers to the harmony of spirit, mind, and body through technique. Instruction emphasizes the physical and mental aspects of traditional discipline based martial arts training, while ensuring practical application of self defense techniques. Students may participate in tournaments. However, the emphasis for their training will be personal growth.